The Ministry


Cry To God will be traveling to Kenya in April/May of 2018.

If you feel led to contribute to our heavy cost for the Airfare, Freight cost and Material cost of the over 1000 Gospel Shirts Cry To God is bringing to Kenya, Africa you may do so by clicking the DONATE link above.




Brother Mathew Solo Mission Mexico 2018


Cry to God continues to give away Tens of Thousands of Free Gospel T-Shirts to people around the world, every year. From Norway to Hawaii, Mexico, Africa and Australia! Cry To God purchases the shirts and prints them by hand, in a garage with equipment purchased with our own money. This labor of love has blessed millions of souls around the globe.






Cry To God also Travels the World serving God through the preaching of His Holy Call to the lost and bringing encouragement to those who are serving Christ at the local level. If you feel led in any way to contribute you may do so by clicking the Donate link above.

To God Be The Glory!