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Prayer time for an open-air street preacher.


When we consider prayer, it seems at times to be the hardest Spiritual work a Christian has to do on this earth. I believe it is the hardest Spiritual work because of the Spiritual effect it has on the Spiritual realm. There is a Spiritual battle in the invisible realm and we join Christ in that battle.
Our flesh hates prayer; our flesh has no glory in the battle. Our flesh wants nothing to do with prayer. There is no recognition in prayer. There is no boasting in prayer. You can’t even start a ministry in prayer. No one will send you money if you have a ministry in prayer. No one can see you in prayer and no one knows when you’re in prayer. The flesh hates not having some glory or praise of how great you were in prayer. Not many run to prayer over street preaching in the open air.
I see in my own life these attitudes that the flesh has about prayer must be crucified. They must be rebuked and repented of so one can enter into true Spiritual work. I see in my own life the more I pray the deeper my walk with Christ is and the more Spiritual battles are won in prayer.
In the weeks ahead, I want to encourage you to get alone with God and spend time talking with him. That is what prayers is, talking with God. I would remind you that you are only as powerful as your prayer life. You can only give what you have received from your Father God
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