We’re going To Kenya!

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Praise the Lord We are excited to announce Christ has called us to Kenya, Africa for 10 days, April 26 to May 7. Pastor James Samo, an open air street preacher who pastors a church in Kisumu, Africa, has invited Rick Carter and me to come and preach on the streets with him.

We have printed 1200 Christian tee shirts to take with us to give away to evangelize the area. The shirts say Trust Jesus, Fear God, and You Need Jesus. We are looking for those who would partner and invest in the kingdom of God with us in prayer for this trip. Here are a few prayer request.

1. Traveling mercies

2. Safety from God haters

3. Shirts would arrive shipping there

4. The Church there would be encouraged

5. We would not get sick

6. Financial provisions

7. The most important Souls would be saved

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